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Dodi, in 2000, “Would like to know more about Thorina, when she died.”

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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 22:21:13 -0800

Hans and wife Thorina (Larson) Gunderson moved from Cokato, Minn to Grafton, North Dakota by ox cart in 1880. Then they moved to Vega, Minn. While in Cokato, Hans worked on the railroad. They had 5 children there: Henry born 1875, Laura, Peter, Edward and Mary. Willie was born in Grafton, the "first baby on the frontier". Hans died in 1882, Emma was born five months after his death. Henry was my grandfather. Would like to know more about Thorina, when she died. Know she kept the farm at Alvarado, Minn, raised her children and several foster children. Any information appreciated.Dodi


Hi Dodi! I know, this has been a very long time in the archives, and I don’t think you are still interested in this information. But here is what I was able to find in hurry.

Photo by Tim Heise, from Find-a-grave
Photo by Tim Heise, from Find-a-grave

Hans Gunderson was buried in the Vega Township Cemetery in 1883, the earliest grave I was able to find a record of, actually. 1883 is also the year Vega Township was established.

Thorina is marked with the same stone as Hans, and her death is recorded there as 1931; a long life managing the family farm after her husband passed on. A small but important note is that the headstone reports her year of death in 1931. This suggests the stone was placed some time well after her death, and the other dates on the stone may also be slightly ‘off’.

Carl Holt mentioned Hans and Thorina’s son Peter Gunderson in an interview published by Jen Olson over on the Project Alvarado website. The interview took place in 1934, but was not published until after Mr Holt’s death in 1935. In 1887 a gentleman passing through the region drilled a well on Casper Sands’ place south of Alvarado, and sold his drilling rig to Peter Gunderson. Mr Gunderson drilled a well on Thompson’s place near town.

Thorina Gunderson lived long enough for Minnesota to begin documenting its citizens’ births, deaths, and marriages. She appears in the 1905 Minnesota State census in Vega Township[1]. And according to the Minnesota Historical Society’s state death index, Thorina died 22 April 1932, 1932-MN-007880.

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