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Subject: Bedard obituaries 1885-1900
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Surname: Bedard

anyone with access to the old Marshall County Banner newspaper-would appreciate a search for any mention of Bedard births or deaths during 1885-1900. These would be children of Alphonse and Euphemie Bedard. These would be the only Bedard’s found in this paper at this time. Thank you so much.

from Commons.Wikimedia.Org
from Commons.Wikimedia.Org


Searching through old newspapers, especially for the big three BMD (births, deaths, marriages,) is always a crucial bit of research – as long as you remember to take what you find with a critical eye. Often the journalist or family member does not have accurate facts in the rush to press, especially early settlement papers where language barriers existed.

The Marshall County Banner served the ‘cities’ of Argyle and Gervais/Louisa/French Town, which were on opposite sides of the river. (There’s an interesting story about the existence of these two locations; talk to the Argyle Historical Society about it if you have time.) The Banner was supposedly established in 1882, a year before the city of Argyle itself, and continued publishing until the end of 1970 when it merged with the Stephen Messenger.

The Library of Congress (LoC) has holdings of the Marshall County Banner[1], as well as the Stephen Messenger and Leader. (You can browse the LoC holdings of Marshall County papers, which also show libraries which have microfilm/copies.) The Minnesota Historical Society also maintains the Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub, but the only Marshall County paper they have digitized is portions of the Warren Sheaf. They do have microfilm copies in their library archives, however, as does the Argyle Historical Society.

from Argyle Centennial Book
from Argyle Centennial Book

I would contact the Argyle Historical Society (AHS) – they may be available on FaceBook[2], but this is not viewable for the public (walled garden). I cannot find a real web address or an e-mail for them, so use their USMail address:

Argyle Historical Society
Box 177
Argyle, MN 56713

It is possible the AHS members may be able to search through the weekly papers for you, but that’s a lot of micro-film work to ask of volunteers! 52 issues x 15 years. It would be better if you could stop by their spaces and do the search yourself. The information I have (and it may be out of date) is they have open hours on Sundays, and visit by request (during summer months only,) call 218 437-8404.

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