Changes and breakage

from Bethylicious
from Bethylicious

For those of you who visit extremely regularly, you may have noticed a few issues over the past 24 hours or so.

In an effort to step up our game, we have moved to secure all transmissions to and from the server using SSL. Generically speaking what this means is you can be pretty sure what you see on the website really came from our server (and was not injected or altered en route to or from your browser,) and that passwords and forms fields are not easily read by eavesdroppers on the wires. Not that I think anyone would be interested in doing that, just that it is better to be in the habit of always being secure.

Unfortunately, this somehow managed to confuse WordPress who knew we had not really moved anywhere, but our communications protocol had gone from http:// to https://. (WordPress is a wonderful CMS, but easily distracted/befuddled when you change things.) This persisted all day yesterday while I tried to find the right way to fix it.

That did not work. So I did it the wrong way, because that worked.

Betsy from Paris, TX suggested a slight but crucially useful way to change the domain name to be more indexable, and which also ended up solving the “you did not either move your site!” argument with WordPress. We are now on the domain By putting the state abbreviation first all the domains will naturally sort alphabetically by state -> county.

And, after creating another vhost and domain, and another certificate, WordPress allowed me to create a new site and import all the old information. Yay!


If anyone sees anything broken, tell me immediately! it is very likely some things did not survive well.

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