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Most of us rush on through our lives doing what is necessary to get by, and now and then a bit of frivolousness just to make life more fun and interesting. There is so much happening every day! Hopefully we manage to snap a few pictures here and there, and write a few thoughts about the large moments in our lives to look back on occasionally.

But some members of our community put in a lot of effort and time to record what is happening in our corner of the world, what has happened here in the past, and to passing on that knowledge to others. A few of them are professionals, but most of them are folks just like us – harried, a little rushed, but making a bit of time in their busy lives to think about future, present, and past generations.

These are the people who volunteer in our local Historical Societies.

Ethel Thorlacius was such a one. For a while, as director of the Marshall County Historical Society, she wrote an occasional column entitled “Musings,” and graciously allowed the Marshall County MNGenWeb site to republish them online. A few stories about people and events in Marshall County, some stray thoughts and research.

I have posted each of these under the category Stories, and I hope I can find some more.

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An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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