Scanned by Cheryl Srnsky
Scanned by Cheryl Srnsky

One of the most-useful pieces of information for the amateur genealogist is a well-written contemporary obituary. These brief articles, usually carried in the paper local to the decedent or in their ‘hometown’ paper, generally are a trove of factual details, ranging from the individual’s dates of birth and death to which of their relations were still living and often where those relations are living at the time.

Sometimes one can find a gem of a detail which breaks open a route to tracking down more information. Recently I discovered a stray cousin was mentioned as living in Chesaw, Washington, which is a long ways from Iowa as a young single woman at the turn of the last century! And that led to a marriage certificate (in the middle of winter!) in Spokane to her fellow-instructor, and many more points in her genealogy.

But obituaries are often difficult to track down, hidden away behind paywalls or in remote microfilm repositories.

But we can share the obituaries we have here. This page is a temporary measure, and it will not work for thousands of obituaries, but for a short amount of time until we find a better solution (and I am sure there are better solutions) this will do. If you have an obituary to share, contact W Saewyc to discuss how best to get it up and online here.

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An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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