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As you may be aware, there has been a relationship of long-standing between The USGenWeb Project, The MNGenWeb Project, and RootsWeb. More than 10 years ago RootsWeb was acquired by Ancestry.com, who promised to maintain that relationship and have, with occasional issues, done so for the whole decade.

Unfortunately, starting several days ago RootsWeb appears to have experienced a server outage. They have not been very communicative as to the status of this outage.

Thousands, even tens of thousands, of genealogy-related webpages have been sidelined due to this outage. The MNGenWeb Project, in the face of what is, for them, a catastrophic server failure, has set up a new domain and host on GoDaddy at http://www.mngenweb.net. Of course there is massive url breakage on this new site due to its close ties with all the other sites on RootsWeb. This will begin to be cleaned up as we assess how best to deal with the current outage (and how long it lasts.)

For us here at MNMarshallUS, this outage is not an issue as we are privately hosted. (Best of all, updating all the MNGenWeb links on every page of this site involved exactly 3 simple edits!) Although we do not have access to the original MNMarsha-l e-mail list archives at the moment, we have installed our own instance of Mailman[O] and we hope to be hosting a secure list serve very shortly, once we work out the security and mail transfer agent kinks.

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An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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