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Scanned by Cheryl Srnsky
Scanned by Cheryl Srnsky

We are collecting hundreds of obituaries for Marshall County interments.

As all amateur genealogists know, obituaries can be extremely valuable references. They give important vital information about the decedent, birth and death dates and locations are usually present at a minimum. But often they give a synopsis of an individual’s life, possibly including where they were educated, when and where they married if they did, military service, the number of children. They usually mention the survivors by name, often including the children’s spouse’s name if any and where the survivor is living at the time of death.

Most of our obituaries are from local newspapers and funeral homes. Where we have the original source we give appropriate credit.

We have the opportunity to include more than just the bare text. If people choose to do so, our obituaries can include scans, photos, links, even audio and video. If you would like to contribute an obituary, or add to/edit an existing obituary, contact us!

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