Calling for Help! Saint Joseph’s, Saint Joseph’s, and Saint Joseph’s

North of Oslo, north of Big Woods, right down near the river in Fork Township is Saint Joseph’s cemetery, sometimes¬†called Saint Joseph’s Mission cemetery. Another nestles near the river within Oslo’s city limits, just beyond Riverside cemetery, which may be called St. Joseph’s Mission cemetery, or St. Joseph’s Calvary cemetery. Another is mentioned to be in Vega Township, called Old St. Joseph’s or St. Joseph’s Pioneer cemetery. Yet another is in the city of Middle River, more commonly known as St. Joseph’s Catholic cemetery.

And the problem is, the names of the interred are hopelessly muddled in other registries. Most cemetery sites do not list all four (or maybe five – it seems the Old and Pioneer may possibly be two different burials) and instead are putting all the names together in one, or maybe two, cemetery listings.

So here is what we need:

  • Someone to survey the St. Joseph’s cemetery in Oslo. This is really important. Some names which are currently listed in Riverside should probably be in St. Joseph’s, but we don’t know yet.
  • Someone to survey the St. Joseph’s cemetery in Fork Township. This is to¬†rule out names which have been added to that registry mistakenly.

If we can get these two things done we can – by process of elimination – check off the names which should be in Middle River and verify those at a later date.

Of course it would be really nice to get headstone photos while doing this, too!

Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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