Winter Holidays, New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the most of the winter holidays are behind us, and most of the travel, we should all be hunkering down and seriously considering our plans for the new year. You have 2 more days to think about it!

Actually the last half of last year has mostly been a loss for me, personally, and so also for this project. So my resolution for the coming year is to get back to work on this and my many other genealogy commitments. I resolve to spend at least a little bit of time every week working on Marshall County-related topics, especially this site and its hundreds (now thousands) of obituaries.

Fortunately, Winter makes such resolutions easy – not much else doing! We shall see if I can establish good work habits by the time Spring begins to take hold, and the outdoors begins its siren call.

Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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