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We strive to be accurate – a genealogist’s (or a website’s) reputation is entirely built on how honest and accurate the data and reports. But sometimes you slip up, and you display some information which is wrong.

That is bad enough. But if you do not notice the error, and no one points it out to you, you might be sharing bad information for a long time.

When I first started building this site I had been asked to look at maybe doing it, and built a ‘mock-up’ to see what it could look like to take a MNGenWeb site from manually-maintained html files to a CMS. I even used a mock-up domain name. And then, when it became more real, I set up a real domain name system. I thought I had redirected all those mock-up urls, but it turns out I had not, and there are still, a couple years later, broken links pointing to the wrong address, and about 80 of our obituaries were unfindable.

If you were mis-linked, I am sorry.


Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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