Weekend Fixes and Additions


A hundred or so obituaries added over the past few days, which also resulted in adding a survey of Our Saviors Lutheran / Thief Lake cemetery to the site. Our Saviors Lutheran church was built next to the cemetery, which had been in use for nearly a decade at the time. I am not sure if that is why the cemetery is known by the two different names, or if there is some other reason – I should get in touch with the sexton to learn the story.

Firing off so many obituaries, though, revealed some creeping errors from old links. I have put a few hours into tracking down several hundred bad urls, but there are apparently a couple hundred more broken, forwarded, or otherwise imperfect links in the website. Just part of the regular maintenance required of a website!

Fixing the links led me to the discovery that the Thief River Falls Times & Northern Watch website has changed, and all the old links are broken and probably cannot be repaired.

More cleaning and maintenance to come! pardon the dust.

EDIT: Site error 403, not server not found for TRFTimes.com. Researching the problem shows TRFTimes has modified the way its urls are formed, and is blocking anonymous connections.

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