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I am hunting for an obituary.

Death announcement for Bertella Waagedahl, 1 Sept. 1916 issue Holt Weekly News

My maternal great-aunt Bertella Waagedahl was attending seminary in Fargo, North Dakota when she developed consumption, better known today as Tuberculosis. In 1915 there was no effective treatment for active tuberculosis, and she had a 50/50 chance of survival.

She died at her parent’s home in August, 1916.

Newspaper clipping
Card of Thanks, 8 Sept. 1916 issue Holt Weekly News

Yet I have read the local paper forward and backward and can find no obituary submitted for her, only a notice of her death, and a card of thanks from her mother to their community.

I have found other obituaries in the process of searching. Mrs. Lewis Johnson’s obituary 11 Aug 1916 reported her burial in the Ringbo cemetery. Very young Kenneth Willard Gudvangen’s obituary 1 Sept 1916, and mother Mrs. Ole Reierson‘s of 8 Sept 1916 mentioned their interment in Holt cemetery. As I come across these I take a quick digital clipping and, later, write up a transcription here.

But unfortunately, no official obituary for Bertella.

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