Racing behind…

This week I have been racing to not fall further behind.

The volunteers have been productive! We blew right through the 1 000 obituaries mark and kept on climbing. In the process we added (unverified) surveys for 7 additional cemeteries, and we need a couple more. For each new obituary I had to track down at least two or three additional details, sometimes more, and all total I have more hours into this project this week than if I were working full-time.

And I am falling behind.

Which is great! sort of. What it really means is we REALLY NEED ANOTHER VOLUNTEER!

We need someone who knows a bit more about the internet, and WordPress. We need someone who can copy-edit a little bit, can sleuth out broken links, and knows what right-click can do in the internet browser. Or is willing to learn.

If you can do these things, or think you would like to learn how, contact us!

Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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