So, we have had the most amazing month!

February and the first few days of March have been exceptionally productive. We are now approaching 1200 obituaries on the site, and we are adding additional metadata on-the-fly including things like links back to the sources of the obituaries and sometimes photographs.

This does not mean all the problems are solved, all the data is entered – far from it. The process in not automated, which means a considerable amount of effort goes into the process. And we are going to shift how we do a couple of things.

One thing we want to change is the Obituaries page. Right now this list is created manually, and it is very long and complex to edit. We are looking at options to automate either the adding of new obituaries to this page, or to generate this page directly from the database.

Another thing we want to change is how we create obituaries. Currently we are creating them as pages in our site. If instead we create them as posts the software we are using will do a better job of publishing them, and searching them. They will be easier for search engines to use, too.

And they may be easier for the automagical Obituaries page I was talking about in the earlier paragraph.

So that is the plan at the moment: start publishing the Obituaries as posts. Then figure out how make a magical index which people can search for a name of interest to them.

Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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