A week or two ago we began posting some obituaries as blog posts, filed under the Obituaries category, in an effort to get them more attention from search engines.

Well! This seems to have been an effective plan!

We have about doubled the number of visitors directed to the site from search engines. This may be because the search sites are just cataloguing more pages from our site, or maybe we are slowly becoming more known when it comes to Marshall County topics. It sure is not our Alexa rank, which might generously be described as abysmal.

Still, we are now regularly pulling in visitors from across the state of Minnesota and its neighbours, and a smattering of places further afield – particularly Norway and Sweden. We have a bit underĀ a hundred hits a day from ‘real people,’ and maybe twice that from bots and spiders. Google has catalogued nearly 2000 pages, pretty much every page we have, and Bing has a couple hundred stored. These are not good numbers, but they show solid growth over the past couple of months. And for a rural county genealogy site I think we have a heckuva lot of traffic!

Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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