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I think I am officially getting old; I am monitoring the obituary pages.

In my case it may be excused, since I am involved in the Marshall County Obituary Project here. But it was always a thing old people did when I was younger. I could never tell if they were hoping to see someone’s name there, or afraid to see one. But now I suspect it was because for the most part their generation was no longer in the news, except when they died.

Perusing old issues of Thief River Falls News or the Warren Sheaf I see some of my relations showing up steadily in their community news until they retired from public life. Then they might disappear for ten or twenty years, until a mention of a health issue, or a move to supported living, and then their obituary. It is a bit of an arc, and a little sad, until you find more about their lives from stories by their children in a different venue – Mom and Dad traveled in a camper to California, visited Norway and Sweden, made their way to see their grandchildren, became snowbirds coming north in summer and heading south to avoid the cold…

But me, I am looking for clues and stories to preserve of the residents of Marshall County cemeteries.

Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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