In August, 1932, a small toddler had a mishap which resulted in his death.

This is the kind of sad story which is extremely rare, in fact, but we remember them because most of us recall our own near-misses, or those of little ones near and dear to us. All of us, at some gut level, empathize.

But the brief snippet of a death notice story which we had about Lincoln John Horien‘s accident seemed, by modern sensibilities, somewhat cold and gruesome. It has verisimilitude with the time, but I went searching for the article in the sources I have and did not find it. So I looked for one of the local papers on

Achive is one of the glories of the internet, somewhere between a digital midden and the Library of Alexandria, only including music, movies, and software.

Holt Weekly News clipping for Lincoln John Horien death.

Anyway, several Holt papers are found in its collection. As are several Thief River Falls papers including the Forum, the News, the Northern Watch, the Press, the Review, the Times, the Tribune, and the Tri-County Forum – I had never known the region was so rich in journalism! I need to look for the other Marshall county papers and index them here somewhere…

Anyway, I located a report in the Holt Weekly News about young Horien’s death. It was a bit more sympathetic, so I included a digital clipping and transcribed it. Newspapers are excellent sources for genealogical information – I was also able to find Lincoln John’s birth announced in 1931, and no doubt if I went searching I might find the births of his siblings and possibly the announcement of his parent’s wedding. Add to your quiver of tools to find articles about your relations.


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