Cemetery cleanup 2017

The other Rindahl cemetery gate.

In May I was back to help out at the annual Rindahl cemetery clean-up, held the first Saturday in May.

There were several new faces this year, and some shiny new hardware to help the work go quickly. We were done with the cleanup, seedlings planting, and burning the trimmings before noon, and sat down for coffee, lunch, and conversation pretty early! The talk is what I most enjoy about these annual working parties Рgetting to know people you do not often see, and learning more about your shared history.

Unfortunately, my time back was severely limited, less than 24 hours! and I had to race off to catch a plane. I will be driving through Marshall County in another week, though, and hope to get a chance to visit one or another of the cemeteries in need of an inventory.

Author: W Saewyc

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