Obituaries as blog entries

Newspaper clipping
Obituary for Mrs. Lewis Johnson, 11 Aug 1916 issue of the Holt Weekly News

Over the past year we have switched from storing each obituary as a unique page in this website to each obituary being a blog article.

We are using WordPress[O R] as our primary website software. It is a good content management system (CMS[en.wp]), and lets us very quickly create new pages which are uniformly themed. As a CMS it is focused on blog entries, and making them easy to find across the internet.

And that is exactly the mission of this site, and our parent organizations The MNGenWeb Project[O] and The USGenWeb Project[O]: to collect free genealogy resources on the web and share them widely.

Using the blogging features also automatically creates archives of the articles, based on when it was published, the ‘tags’ we chose to add, and several other criteria. Blog articles can have a featured image; we use the image published with an obituary if we find it, or a headstone. We can also add more photos and documents if we have them – for example if a family member sends us the obituary.

Most importantly, the blog software presents the information about the obituaries in a form search engines can easily use, helping amateur genealogists find what they are looking for quickly even if they have never heard of our website.

Author: W Saewyc

An amateur genealogist and internet hobbyist.

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