Axelson, Axel Severus (Johannson) (1872-1921)

Warren Sheaf – 23 Feb 1921

Rosewood, Minnesota

Axel Axelson, one of the early settlers of this place, passed away quietly at the Warren Hospital last Thursday morning, with cancer of the stomach, which although progressing more or less for the last twelve years, has not been considered serious and not until the last year been sufficiently grave to curtail the activities of this industrious man.

Mr. Axelson whose old country name was Axel Severus Johannson, was born at Hammarland, Sweden on May 2, 1872, and when but 16 years entered the career of a sailor as cook on the sail ship “John”, between Sundsvald and London. After six years employment at this trade Mr. Axelson on May 3rd 1893 emigrated to America and came to Warren and for many years was employed as a farm hand.

Tempted, however, by the government’s free land in those days he in March of 1898 came to this place, but finding all free lands here by that time occupied, he purchased the right to his present farm east of here from Martin Lee who had homesteaded it at the time. Married early at Warren he made his home here for a few years until his wife died when he again made his home in Warren until March 18th 1903 when he was united in marriage with Miss Julia Jacobson of that place, and again came here and has since made this place his home.

To mourn, besides his wife, are nine children Viola, Victor, Minnie, Julia, Alma, Herman, Otto, and Emil, all residents of this place, from his first marriage Nels Axelson, at present a resident of Idaho, his aged father Axel Johannson and one sister Mrs. Ella Mattson both residents of Sweden.

[Interred Rindal cemetery]

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