Contact us!

We love to chat! And there are a number of ways you can connect with us online.

  • Forums – These are often the best ways to get in touch! Many people monitor our forums and are notified via e-mail whenever someone posts something. This means you are reaching out to all of them at one time, with one e-mail.
  • IRC – we are addicted to Internet Relay Chat. When the Rootsweb servers are available, we are hanging out in the #USGenWeb channel on And we are usually hanging out in the general chat channel #Pleonasm on Freenode (which can be reached via the web, if you don’t have an irc client.)
  • Mailing list – MNMARSHA is the rootsweb-hosted mailing list for the channel. It is fairly quiet, but I do keep track of what is going on there.
  • Telephone – Send me your phone # and a brief note using the form below, and I will call you. (This is to avoid A: people calling me with weird phone spam, and B: you incurring long-distance charges if you don’t happen to be in my local calling area.)
  • E-mail – Use this form to send me an e-mail!