Like our parent projects, this site honors intellectual property rights but we avoid “copyright paranoia”. We will not knowingly publish copyright infringing content, and if notified of a valid infringement we will remove that content. We expect contributors to respect the rights of others, just as they wish their own rights and contributions to be respected.

That said, we have a lot of experience with copyright and are aware when it is being used as a bully stick. Do not do that, either.

Please read this

Copyright in the USA and most other places exists as soon as you express an original thought or concept. Facts are excluded from this; facts are discovered, and are not original to any author.

Within the USA there are a few guidelines to identify works for which copyright cannot be claimed:

  • Works published before 1923 in the USA.
  • Facts, including tables and databases of facts, compiled and published in the USA.
  • Works produced solely by employees of the U.S. government on behalf of the government. (There are a few exceptions to this.)

There are many complex issues within copyright law, but try to take an honest, pragmatic, and common-sense approach and you will help us all to work together. If you want to use the works of others in your projects (or have on this website,) use only those you know you can use. And the corollary to that is to share your works under fair licenses, so your work may be included within the works of others and we can all stand on your shoulders to become giants.

You may wish to see what The USGenWeb Project says about copyright.