Connett, Claude (1898-1980)

Claude Connett was the oldest son of Cora Jane Randol and John T Connet. They lived in Markle, Huntington Co, Indiana.

When Claude was 6, his father died. He had an older sister Ica and two younger brothers, Jay and Dale.

Six years passed and his Mother Cora Jane married George Schermerhorn. A few months later, Claude lost his Grandma Sarah Connett/Derr.

Within a few years, the whole family moved to Michigan where Cora Jane and George had a daughter and 3 sons to add to the family.

In 1920, Claude was living in Michigan, but was persuaded to follow his Uncle Harry Randol to North Dakota. Claude became a cowboy on the prairies of North Dakota, breaking wild mustangs that were brought in from Montana.

By 1923, Claude met Bessie Agnes Cooper and they were married in Makoti North Dakota.

In 1940, the family moved with Bessie’s father, Grandpa Cooper to the big woods of North Eastern Minnesota. Claude and Bessie finished raising their family there.

Claude was a hard working honest man, and well respected by his peers. All his life he was an avid hunter. Claude was proud of his five girls and one son.

Claude and Bessie were blessed with a loving family.

[Interred Greenwood cemetery]

Transcribed by: Cheryl Srnsky