Folden, Johnny Robert (1911-1918)

Johnny, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Folden, died Tuesday forenoon at the hospital in Thief River Falls, about an hour after being operated upon for the removal of a large tumor. The operation itself was a success and he regained consciousness afterwards but the shock from it was more than the little fellow could stand and he expired peacefully and without any pain.

Mr. and Mrs. Folden had gone to Thief River Falls the day before and decided to risk an operation as it was certain he could not live with the tumor and neither could he be removed to his home in the condition in which he was. The parents returned home Wednesday and brought back here the body of their beloved little son for the last sad rites of the funeral.

Johnny Robert Folden was born March 21st , 1911 and was 7 years 8 months and 19 days old when he died. He was a bright little fellow and was loved by everybody and will be greatly missed in the family.

The funeral will be conducted by Rev. Klien next Saturday afternoon, at two o’clock at the home and at 8 o’clock at the Folden cemetery where the interment will be made.

We wish to join with their many friends in extending heartfelt sympathy to the grief-stricken parents, and the other members of the family.

[Interred Folden cemetery]

Transcribed by: Cheryl Srnsky