Hanson, Halfdan (1858-1911)

Halfdan Hanson, the son of Hans and Antonette Dybdahl, was born at Vardal, Norway, September 24, 1858.

Halfdan Hanson and Brede Svenson came to Chippewa County, Minnesota in 1879 after leaving Norway. In 1881 they came to what is now Newfolden, Minnesota and took homestead. Halfdan was located two miles east of Newfolden.

Folden Township was organized in 1884 and Halfdan was the first secretary of the board. It was later called New Folden Township.

Halfdan married Milla Schie. In May 1889, he met his parents, Hans Hanson Dybdahl and Antonette Dybdahl, brother Andreas and sister Olianna (Mrs. Nels Engebretson) at Warren, Minnesota. They had just arrived from Norway. He took them to his home with oxen. They stayed there for three weeks, and then moved to a homestead in Holt Township, just south of his father.

Halfdan was the Holt town clerk for many years until he died November 25, 1911. His wife died February 20, 1920.

Six children were born to the Halfdan Hansons. They were: Marie (Mrs. John Elstad) of Ketchikan, Alaska; Anna (Mrs. Frank Gavere); Hilda; Edwin who is married to Mabel Folden; Helen; and Hjalmar of Ketchikan, Alaska. Edwin took over Halfdan’s homestead after his death. The Halfdan Hansons are both buried on the Folden Cemetery which is located on his homestead. He donated the land for the Folden Cemetery.

[Interred Folden cemetery]

Transcribed by: Cheryl Srnsky