Isaacson, Carl (1900-1921)

Scanned by Cheryl Srnsky
Scanned by Cheryl Srnsky

River Claims Young Farmer; Second Victim

Carl Isaacson Loses Life While Bathing Near Skomedahl Bridge Sunday Afternoon.

Failed to Reappear After First Plunge and Companions Unable to Give Assistance

Body Recovered After Having Been in Water Nearly Two Hours—Second This Year.

Carls Isaacson, 22 years of age, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Isaacson, farmers residing in Excel township, was drowned in Thief river about 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon. The body was recovered after having been in the water nearly two hours and all hope of resuscitation was past.

In company with two other young men of the neighborhood, Isaacson started in an automobile to attend a picnic near their homes. Arriving at a point on the river a short distance from the Skomedal bridge the trio decided to go in bathing. Isaacson jumped into the river and must have been seized with cramps as he did not again come to the surface. His companions, neither of whom can swim to any extent, could do nothing but raise an alarm. Farmers from the neighborhood quickly gathered and a search for the body was at once begun. One of the young men with Isaacson tied a rope around his waist and went down to the point where his friend had disappeared. He managed to grab hold of the body and was pulled to the surface.

The accident happened in Marshall county bu Coroner H.W. Froehlich of Pennington county was notified, he being located much nearer to the spot where the drowning occurred. He arrived about the same time that the body was recovered but saw that there was no chance of the man being revived, although a pulmotor had been brought along to be used in case there was the slightest hope.

The water at the point where Isaacson went down is about 7 feet deep.

This is the second drowning accident to occur in the neighborhood this summer, the first victim being 11-year-old George Reitz of this city, who lost his life while boating on June 1.