Lokstad, John (1858-1930)

John Lokstad was born at Gudbrandsdalen, Norway in 1858 and on October 10, 1887 at Bardu, Norway, married Elen Oitangen of Bardu who had been born in 1868.

They immigrated to America and came to Marshall County in September 1888 and settled in Section 2, New Folden Township, where they purchased a homestead right from a bachelor who wanted to sell.

Ole Hevle met John and Elen at Warren with a team of oxen. They lived with them that first winter until spring. When Ingalls became a post office in June, 1888, neighbors took turns carrying the mail the first six months. Then John Lokstad and Ole Hevle were hired to take turns in carrying it on foot twice a week between Humboldt and Ingalls. The job lasted 4 years.

John and Elen were the parents of eight children. Their first child was Emma. She married and had three children. Hans also married and had three children. The others remained single.

[Interred Folden cemetery]

Transcribed by: Cheryl Srnsky