Marsden, Rylin (2009-2009)

Though Rylin’ s time on earth has been so short, Rylin had the chance to fill his family and friends lives with joy. We were able to watch Rylin grow like a weed! He definitely had his Daddy’s height. We were able to watch him smile for the first time, although it was debatable whether it was actually his first smile, or just gas! We were able to watch him laugh and he was super ticklish. We were able to watch him play with all of his toys, which always made him smile and laugh. We were able to play with him, and he always loved when Daddy blew in his hair and made faces at him. When Rylin felt sick or sad, he always wanted his Mommy there to cuddle and nurture him.

Rylin found joy in so many things. He loved to puke on his Grandma Tammy and Mommy. Daddy was the only one it seemed that Rylin didn’t like to puke on. Rylin loved the attention that he got from his big brother, and he didn’t even mind when Cayden would literally shove Rylins pacifier in his mouth. It usually made him laugh. Rylin also loved the attention from his Uncle Keyton and Aunt Kia, although them holding Rylin wasn’t usually Rylin’s favorite time. Rylin simply loved attention, and he didn’t lack in that area at all. Rylin rarely cried, and when he did it was usually his way of telling Mommy and Daddy that he was hungry, and other times it was his way of telling Grandpa Kelly or Grandpa Doug that he wanted to sit on their tummy’s and check out the world. Rylin also enjoyed puking on Grandma Cheryls carpet and watching her clean it up, and he loved to keep Grandma Tammy up all night.

Rylin had such a short time on earth, but he impacted so many lives. Now, our little fireman has his wings in heaven. He will be loved and remembered always!

Survivors include his parents, Megan & Damien; brother, Cayden; grandparents, Kelly & Tammy Klein, Doug & Cheryl Marsden and Richard Johnson; great-grandparents, Bob & Sandy Niemi, Mike & Betty Johnson and Doris Pritchard; great-great grandparents, Eileen Cummings, Elsie Wang and Elphie Adlis; aunts and uncles, Kia Klein, Keyton Klein, Dominick & Jessica Marsden and Brent Fellman; cousins, Drew Marsden and Paige Marsden; god-parents, Justyne Larson, Brittney Lund, Dominick Marsden, Keyton Klein and Kia Klein; and many great aunts and uncles and other relatives.

He is preceded in death by great-grandparents, Ralph & Donna Klein, Corbin Pritchard, and Lawrence Marsden; great-great grandparents, Elton Cummings, Kiffy Anderson, Fred & Freida Niemi, Alfred Wang, Roy & Hilda Klein, George & Tillie Johnson, Joe Adlis, Alex and Alice Marsden, Winthrop & Edna Smith, and William & Ida Pritchard.

From Johnson Funeral Home

Interred Saint Olaf Cemetery

Transcribed by: Cheryl Srnsky