Olson, Chester Irvin (1920-1945)

Chester I. Olson was born in Norden Township on July 25, 1920. He was presented in Baptism by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olson.

In August of 1920. As a member of Trinity Lutheran Church he was confirmed in his faith in 1934.

His induction into the United States Army took place on July 28, 1942 and he received his early military training at Camp Wallace, Texas. Later, after being transferred to Newport News, Virginia. He received advanced training in Coastal Artillery assignments. Upon completion of his training he applied for a transfer to a Paratroop Division and after winning his wings in his branch of the service, he relocated for further training.

While taking this course, he was injured and hospitalized for two months, after which being disqualified for further jumps, he was transferred to the Infantry.

He arrived in England on October 24, 1944 and took part in the fighting in Siegfried Line until he was slightly wounded on December 21, 1944. After his release from the hospital in Paris, he returned to the front linewas killed in action on Jan. 28, 1945.

God rest the soul of Chester I. Olson and give His peace to his beloved family.

[Interred Greenwood cemetery]

Transcribed by: Cheryl Srnsky