Sherlock, Ellen Ljunggren (1918-2014)

Ellen Sherlock was born to Erick and Lena (Sunderland) Ljunggren at Adams, ND on Sept. 6, 1918. She was the ninth of ten children in the family. She grew up on the prairies of ND and learned how to work hard.

She married Raphael “Ray” Jerome Sherlock, Jr. in Abilene, Texas on October 31, 1942. Ray was in the Army and they lived in Abilene for a period of time. Ellen had a full time job and they had their first child, Edward “Eddie” in August of 1943. Ray was sent overseas. Ellen and Eddie accompanied him to New Jersey where they watched him leave for World War II. Ellen and Eddie boarded a train West and returned to North Dakota. They stayed with Ellen’s brother, Valfrid at Williams, MN where she kept his house and tended her son. Ray returned from the War and the family moved. They had more children: Linda in 1947; Roy in 1949; Elrose in 1951; Jerry in 1953 and Janet in 1955. They lived in several areas of NorthWest MN and eventually settled near Manvel, ND where Sherlock Trucking was born. Ellen often held employment outside of their home and the children were expected to help out with the housework! Each of her children married and they were blessed with 10 grandsons, one granddaughter and 10 great grandchildren.

Ray passed away on 13 January, 1984.

[Interred Riverside cemetery (Cedar Twp)]

Transcribed by: Cheryl Srnsky